Planning on getting tattooed at the convention??

Each artist schedules their own appointments and sets their own prices. To ensure time with the artist of your choice, contact them directly and setup an appointment.


Elijah Birtel, Electric City Tattoo Gallery –

Woody Wodock, Electric City Tattoo

Mike Frenchko, Electric City Tattoo Gallery –

Nick Frenchko, Electric City Tattoo Gallery –

Eric  Brocious, Electric City Tattoo Gallery –

Dan Nelson, Green Point Tattoo Company –

Mark Cross, Green Point Tattoo Company –

Dan Santoro, Smith Street Tattoo –

Bert Krak, Smith Street Tattoo –

Chad Koeplinger, On The Road –

Dave Steele, Philadelphia Eddie’s Chinatown –

Ernie D., Deluxe Irons –

Keith Bodnar, Keith B Machineworks-

Jay Seagreaves, The Quillian Tattoo –

Bunny, Rising Tide Tattoo-

Andy Blair, Flying Tiger Tattoo-

Andy Eschenbach, Flying Tiger Tattoo-

Nate Hudak, Fly Tiger Tattoo-

Andrew Bennett, Rising Tide Studio –

Kevin Stress, Red Tree Tattoo Gallery-

Jimison, Epicenter Tattoo –

Joel Brewer, Baltimore Tattoo Museum –

Randy Hall, Empire Tattoo –

Isaiah Ronan, Explicit Tattoo –

Ben Krzykowski, Resurrected Tattoo – / Ben Krzykowski

Dennis Duarte,  Art for Life Tattoo – / Dennis Duarte

Kevin Berube,  Art for Life Tattoo – / Kevin Berube

Alexis Kovacs, Electric Cheetah Tattoo –

Steve Pearson, Truth and Triumph Tattoo –

Jamie Sawyer, Immortal Ink Tattoos-

Desmond Mooney, White Lotus Tattoo and Art Gallery-

Mike Di Dia, White Lotus Tattoo and Art Gallery-

Dan Paone, White Lotus Tattoo and Art Gallery-

Vinny Worden, Slingin’ Ink-

Dom Cioffi, Needles of Fury – Cioffi

Damien Rodriguez, Invisible NYC-

Justin Dunwoody, A1 Tattoo –

Jemola Addley, Resurrected Tattoo-

Bruce Fairchild, Triple 6 Tattoo Studio – / triple6tattoos

IJ Hosey, Triple 6 Tattoo Studio – / triple6tattoos

Bobby Trefz,12 oz studios!

Christian Masot, Silk City Tattoo –

Ruler, Silk City Tattoo – / Silk City Tattoo

Thad Jackson, Resurrected Tattoo-

Caitlyn Matthews, Resurrected Tattoo-

Antonio Roque, Black Label Tattoo –

Mike Riveley, Immortal Ink Tattoo –

Shannon Daley, Shakey’s Deluxe Tattoos –

Meghan Dietz, Flying Tiger Tattoo –

Mr. Bruce, Up In Flames Tattoo-

David Nielsen, Phoenix Ink Tattoos-

Dominic Piccirillo, Phoenix Ink Tattoos-

Rob Gramlich, Phoenix Ink Tattoo-

Henry Hablak, On The Road –

Khristian Bennett, Mooncusser Tattoo-

Sean Shea, Mooncusser Tattoo-

Neil England, Empire

Alex Zampirri, Heart And Soul Tattoo –

Eddie Focht, Heart And Soul Tattoo –

Taylor Mills, Provenia Tattoo – proveniatattoo

Josh Stephens, Hold It Down Tattoo –

Mike Adams, Hold It Down Tattoo –

Daryl Rodriguez, Hold It Down Tattoo –

Jamie Santos, Scarab Body Arts-

Sean Morgan, Scarab Body Arts-

Jeremiah Loui, Iron Works Tattoo-

Jeb Maykut, Flyrite Tattoo-

Mick Metal, Revolution Tattoo Company-

Jermiah Clifford, Working Class Tattoo-

Mike Pilger, Working Class Tattoo-

Jayski, Lightwave Tattoo-

Tron, Private Studio-

Thom Bulman, Town Hall Tattoo-

Timmy B., Afterlife Tattoo-

Dave Locke, All For One Tattoo-

Gritty Lyons, Voodoo Tattoo-

Kenny Kile, Voodoo Tattoo-

Stretch, Nautilus Tattoo-

Jose Carrasquillo, Nautilus Tattoo-

Coniah Timm, Nautilus Tattoo-

HatCity Chris, HatCity Tattoo-

Greg Paradis, Nautilus Tattoo-

Kelly Green, Nautilus Tattoo-

Jay Salerno, Vision Burn Tattoo-

Ariel Salgado, Millenium Tattoo-rel-salgado-Tattoo/

Mike “Shish” Shishmanian, Hudson Valley Tattoo Company-

Craig “Boxcar” Chazen, Live Free Tattoo-

Josh Adams, Rise Above Classic Tattooing-

Amelia Martin, Rise Above Classic Tattooing-

J. Ezra Durick, Iron Element Tattoo Gallery-

Craig Hubert, Iron Element Tattoo Gallery-

Sean Costello, Traditions

Donni “Bones” Elhert, Traditions

Joe Thompson, Electric Empire Tattoos -

Outstanding Bill, Brass City Tattoo Studio-

Shawn Van Oven,Shaman’s Den

Paul Ulrich,Shaman’s Den

Bill Rocha, Hobo Tattoo-

Pat Murdough, Liberty Tattoo LLC -

Tim Lebron, Shamrock Tattoo Company-

Brian Dicola, White Lotus Tattoo-

Diego, Hudson Valley Tattoo Company-

Corey Thompson, Wayward Tattoo-

Johnny Matters, Wayward Tattoo- -

Scott “Smivee” Valencia, Jinx Proof

Eerie Eric, Wayward Tattoo- -

Will Petroff, Wayward Tattoo- -

Mike Fite -

Tiffany Mulhern, Vision Burn Tattoo-

John Bicknell, Steel City-

Metal Mike, Tiger Rose-

Corey Barrett, Good Ink-

Keenan Bouchard, Magnetic North-

Jacob Miller, Ink Assassins

Brent Simon, Voodoo Tattoo-

Justin Lynn, Voodoo Tattoo-

Dan Baker, Tattoorolo-

Billy Steele, Evolution Tattoo Studio-!

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